Owala Water Bottle Review : FreeSip

Owala Water Bottle Review

Do you ever find yourself struggling to drink enough water throughout the day? You’re not alone.

Fortunately, the Owala FreeSip water bottle is designed to make hydration much easier and more enjoyable. Coincidentally, it offers a convenient solution with its patented FreeSip spout that gives you two ways to drink: sip through the built-in straw or chug from the wide-mouth opening.

With its flip-top lid and leak-proof design, this bottle could be your new best friend!

Let’s take a closer look at what makes it so special.

Key Takeaways

  • Owala water bottles are designed to be a sidekick, suitable for everyday use, whether at work, outdoors, or at the gym.
  • Owala bottles aim to combat chronic dehydration by encouraging people to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Owala provides customer support with a FAQ section, returns inquiry, cancellation terms, and contact information for customer service.
  • The Owala FreeSip water bottle has a convenient straw design, keeps water cold for a long time, and is committed to sustainability and reducing single-use plastic waste.

Design and Features

Owala water bottles are designed with convenience and enjoyment in mind. They offer features like the patented FreeSip® spout, flip-top lid, leak-proof design, carry loop, and triple-layered insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

With its straw design and durable build quality, this bottle is perfect for everyday use whether at work or outdoors. Owala’s commitment to sustainability means you can feel good about using a single-use plastic water bottle that won’t harm the environment.

The 24oz capacity makes it easy to take on the go while still providing enough volume for all your hydration needs. And clean up is a breeze since it can be easily disassembled for quick cleaning.

Experience portability and convenience with Owala’s range of water bottles!

Combatting Chronic Dehydration

Combating chronic dehydration is something Owala bottles strive to achieve, helping people stay hydrated throughout the day and live a more energetic and fulfilling life. Studies have found that 3 out of 4 people suffer from chronic dehydration, leading to negative health effects as well as an overall decrease in energy levels. Owala bottles are designed with this in mind, offering tips for staying hydrated and encouraging users to drink throughout the day.

The benefits of using Owala bottles include:

Health EffectsTips for Staying HydratedBenefits of Owala Bottles
Fatigue & headachesDrink 8 glasses/dayConvenient straw design
Dry skin & constipationSpace out intake evenlyKeeps drinks cold for up to 24 hours
Difficulty concentratingAvoid sugary drinksPush-button flip lid & carry loop for easy access & portability

Owala also places an emphasis on sustainability and reducing single-use plastic waste, making them the perfect sidekick for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint while still staying healthy. With its reliable performance, sleek design, and multiple features, Owala makes it easier than ever before to stay hydrated without sacrificing convenience or style. As such, it’s no wonder why so many have made it their go-to water bottle choice! With customer support like this at your fingertips, you can be sure that you’re equipped with everything you need for optimal hydration.

Customer Support

You can rely on Owala for customer support. Their FAQ section and contact information are available to help you out. Whether you have return inquiries or need clarification on cancellation terms, Owala is here for you.

Their dedicated customer service team is committed to providing an intimate experience where your privacy is valued. The FAQ section is a great resource if you’re unsure about something, and the contact information provided will make sure that all of your needs are met. No matter what kind of issue arises, Owala has got you covered. They provide an invaluable resource that ensures all customers are well taken care of.

Now that we’ve discussed customer support, let’s explore the product features and benefits that make Owala water bottles so special.

Product Features and Benefits

You’ll appreciate the features and benefits of Owala’s water bottles that make them so special. The 32-ounce insulated stainless steel bottle has a patented FreeSip spout for sipping or tilting back to drink, a protective push-to-open lid, and double-wall insulation to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. The wide opening makes it easy to clean and add ice, and the cup holder-friendly base is perfect for taking on the go. Plus, it’s BPA and phthalate free with a hand washable cup and dishwasher safe lid. So you can trust that your drinks will be safe from nasty chemicals!

Friendly !

Your friend probably understands now why you were so excited when you got your new Owala FreeSip bottle – they had similar struggles using other bottles but yours stayed cold all day! Not only did it do its job in keeping beverages cold for up to 24 hours, but the convenience of having a straw design with flip-up spout was great too! You could take large gulps or sip through the straw without spilling anything – plus, no more worrying about leaks either since the secure push-button lid always locks securely in place. And at only 24oz capacity, this water bottle is super portable too!

Overall, there are many reasons why this water bottle has been such an amazing hit among users – from its exceptional insulation abilities to its long lasting temperature retention even with ice added. But some users have also found difficulty fitting the bottle into some cupholders due to its shape as well as issues with cracking over time around the straw area. Despite this small downside though, most people still find themselves satisfied with their purchase thanks to its versatility of sipping through a straw or drinking straight from the spout as well as commitment towards reducing single use plastic waste by being reusable and sustainable.

Product Specs:

  • 32 oz insulated stainless steel water bottle
  • Patented FreeSip spout
  • Protective push-to-open lid
  • Double wall insulation keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours
  • Wide opening for cleaning/adding ice
  • Cup holder friendly base


  • Exceptional insulation abilities
  • Long lasting temperature retention
  • Weight can make gripping difficult


  • Difficulty fitting some cupholders
  • Issues with cracking over time around straw area

Personal Experience and Testimonial

Discovering a solution to your water bottle woes, you were ecstatic about the convenience and quality of the FreeSip. Its long lasting durability, convenient straw design, portability and volume, easy cleaning and maintenance, and commitment to sustainability made it an ideal choice for your everyday needs.

Here are some other features you’ve come to love:

  • The push-button feature is secure yet easy to use
  • You can drink from the straw or tip the bottle up
  • The integrated carry handle makes it easier to transport

The FreeSip has been a game changer for you; it keeps drinks cold all day long without any fuss. You can rely on its temperature retention even when taking long trips outdoors. The convenient size allows for portability while providing enough volume for all-day hydration. And thanks to its easy cleaning and maintenance routine, you no longer have to worry about spills or messes!

Plus, Owala’s commitment to sustainability means that single-use plastic waste is reduced—it’s a win for everyone!

Positive Customer Reviews

Customers love the secure and easy-to-use push-button feature. They appreciate being able to sip from the straw or tip the bottle up. Additionally, they love the Owala FreeSip bottle’s ability to keep drinks cold for a long time.

The bottle offers versatile drinking options with its patented FreeSip spout and convenient flip-top lid. Its leak-proof design ensures that liquids stay inside, making it ideal for outdoor activities and travel.

Cleaning is also hassle-free thanks to its easy disassembly and minimal hard-to-reach surfaces.

With triple layered, vacuum insulated stainless steel, beverages stay cold for up to 24 hours – a huge plus! The BPA free Tritan plastic provides a safe and enjoyable drinking experience.

It’s no wonder customers praise this product – they get all of these features in one amazing bottle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Owala Freesip Bottle Stay Cold?

The Owala FreeSip bottle will keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours, thanks to its triple-layer insulation and vacuum seal. Its clever design features, like the push-button lid and flip-up carry loop, make it easy to access and clean. So don’t worry about ice cubes melting – you can enjoy your beverages all day long!

Does the Owala Freesip Bottle Come in Different Colors?

Yes, the Owala FreeSip water bottle comes in a variety of design options, sizes and colors. Customers love its functionality features and rave about how it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. Compare prices and read reviews to find the perfect one for you!

Is the Lid of the Owala Freesip Bottle Leak-Proof?

Yes, the Owala FreeSip bottle has a leak-proof warranty, insulated design, eco friendly material and slanted spout for temperature retention. Enjoy your drink with confidence!

Is the Material of the Owala Freesip Bottle Bpa-Free?

Yes, the Owala FreeSip bottle is BPA-free and designed to provide chemical safety and health benefits. Durability testing ensures its long-lasting design features, while size options give you flexibility in your hydration routine. Take comfort in knowing your water bottle is made with care for optimal performance.

Is the Owala Freesip Bottle Suitable for Hot and Cold Beverages?

Yes! The Owala FreeSip bottle’s insulation quality, temperature maintenance and design versatility make it perfect for hot and cold beverages. Plus, its BPA-free material ensures safe sipping while easy cleaning adds convenience. Enjoy a perfect drink every time with the Owala FreeSip!


Overall, the Owala FreeSip water bottle is an amazing product. It makes it easy to stay hydrated and combat chronic dehydration.

With its patented FreeSip spout, leak-proof top, and triple-layered insulation, this water bottle is sure to be your must-have sidekick for everyday use.

Plus, its customer support and positive reviews make it a no-brainer – like a silver bullet for thirsty people!

So don’t hesitate; grab your own Owala water bottle today and quench your thirst in style.

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